03 October 2020 - 15:23
The president announced;

The digital economy has multiplied in the first six months of year

According to statistics, the growth of digital economy in the first six months of this year has multiplied compared to the previous years, which has been very effective in observing hygienic principles and reducing contacts in these difficult conditions."; the President said.
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According to IBENA, Dr. Hassan Rouhani at a meeting of the National Headquarters for Corona on Saturday emphasized that there is no difference between rich and poor against Corona and confronting corona requires national determination with a sense of public social and moral responsibility, he stated: The only way to confront corona and cut its transmission chain is prevention, and the prevention is possible with the participation of all members of society.

"Empathy, coordination and synergy in the country should be strengthened, and helping each otherto provide the health and livelihood of the people in the current situation of confronting corona"; in another part of his speech, the President said.

Rouhani appreciated dedicated efforts of medical staff of country in confronting Corona virus for about 8 months, and stated: "It is possible to thank medical staff by using masks, observing social distance and health instructions, practically."

 Further he thanked all the departments, including the knowledge-based companies, which are researching in the field of vaccine production and the construction of equipment required by medical centers to confront Corona virus, he said: Achieving the production of the first human vaccine by these companies is commendable.

Rouhani also praised performance of the economic and production sectors of the country to meet the needs for essential goods and said: "While the economy of a developed country like Germany is facing problems due to the outbreak of Corona virus, in our country with efforts of producing companies and economic sectors, our economy has better conditions and we hope that, country's economic growth will be positive with or without oil at the end of this year.

The President also thanked digital economy sector of the country and said: "According to the statistics, the growth of this sector in the first six months of this year has multiplied compared to last years, and the digital economy has played a very important role in observing of hygienic principles and reducing contacts."

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