11 July 2022 - 16:29
Member of Planning and Budget Commission

Improvement of monetary variables is a sign of non-borrowing of government

Published information shows that government has taken control of liquidity and will be shown result of controlling prices to increase and preventing the rise next month. This is a good sign of non-borrowing from central bank, a member of Planning and Budget Commission.
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گودرزوند چگینی

Mehrdad Guderzvand Chegini, a member of Planning and Budget Commission and former MP of Rudbar and an expert on economic issues, in an interview with reporter of IBENA, in response to the question that considering improving trend of monetary variables in past months, could we have a positive outlook on situation? published information shows that government has taken control of liquidity, and next month, result of controlling price growth and preventing its increase will be shown. This issue is a good sign of not-borrowing of government from central bank, he said.

The government's move towards making smart of taxes is also a very significant point that is very important. If border between receipts and payments or formal and informal transactions is determined on tax, there is a great success in government.Governor of central bank and his colleagues have been successful so far. Dollar rate has been controlled despite economic pressures and it seems that there is a capability in central bank to improve economy and investment approaches in country, he said about actions of central bank in 13th government.

This member of Planning and Budget Commission on whether only institution that affects liquidity and inflation is central bank and banking system or other government economic institutions has been influenced on it, explained: Central bank is recognized as focus of government economic institutions, but it does not mean that it is responsible for all the problems. Ministries of Oil, industry, Mine and Trade, Labor and Welfare, Planning and Budget Organization, etc., are involved and could work together to address problems such as inflation, liquidity and directing investment and prevent wandering money.

In this sense, in general term of central bank, it is considered an agent, which is because part of policies of other institutions are conditioned by central bank's policies, but if economic team is not working well and not properly coordinated, Problems will not be easy to fix. Representative of Rudbar made his proposal for better liquidity management and inflation control: liquidity should be directed to capital market and facilities should be considered for real capitalists. Export policies are set up so that annoying laws can be removed. Support of domestic industries should be in a way that does not exist in domestic production and no insist on industries that we lack ability to produce it.

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