07 October 2020 - 16:37
The president

Central bank has provided required currency in difficult condition

The Central Bank has provided $ 5.3 billion in currency for essential goods and $ 1.4 billion in medicine and medical equipment in the first six months of this year
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 Dr. Hassan Rouhani on Wednesday in part of his speech in cabinet meeting pointed to the inauguration of development projects and rural employment, It is our honor to say amount and quality of government services in this government to villagers in the eleventh and twelfth governments is approximately twice or more than all the services provided to the villagers from the beginning of the victory of the revolution to now; according to IBENA.

Referring to the situation in our country affected by Pandemic and unprecedented sanctions, the President said: We should not ignore the current situation and only criticize the government. All government officials are working hard, as evidenced by the development and employment projects that were inaugurated on occasion of Village Day, which are inaugurated on every Thursdays and will continue to the end of this government.

We are dealing with a special person who is not committed to principles and regulations anymore. It does not even abide by the laws of his country like as health laws and protocols. Such a person, who violates the law of his own country, violates all the world rules. This person violated our agreement and did his best to prevent Iranian oil sale and block banking solutions, pointed to the terms of these sanctions, he said.

We are resisting and standing in this situation. By stating that central bank is weak and the national currency has decreased or increased, what should the central bank do? Any solution? In these very difficult circumstances, the Central Bank has paid 5.3 billion in currency only for basic goods in these 6 months and provided 1.4 billion for health, treatment, medicine, medical equipment, he said.

The president continued:During some years, our oil revenue could have been 50 to 60 billion dollars, of course it was low, and in one year it was 118 to 120 billion dollars. Those who criticize do know our current situation and say these words?

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