26 June 2021 - 15:19

9.7percent decrease in exchange rate of dollar against Rial of Iran

Statistics Center published a quarterly report on Iran's economy: 9.7percent decrease in the exchange rate of dollar against Rial in winter of 2020, Compared to the fall.
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ارزش پول ملی

IBENA- Statistics Center published a quarterly report on Iran's economy in the winter, based on:

1. Gross domestic product at a constant price in winter of 2020 was 2575343 billion Rials. In this season, economic growth and non-oil economic growth have been 6.8 and 3.3 percent, respectively.

2. The price index of consumer goods and services in the whole country in winter of 2020 (based on year 2016) was 292.2, which is a percentage change of twelve months ending in March of 2020 compared to the same period before (inflation rate) was 36.4 percent.

3. The unemployment rate for the population aged 15 and over has been 9.7 percent, which is an increase of 0.3 points compared to fall of 2020.

4. In winter of 2020, the number of building permits issued by the country's municipalities was equal to 52371 items, which has increased by 12.9 percnet compared to the same season of the previous year. Of these permits, 92.2 percent was related to construction of the building and 7.8 percent was related to the increase of buildings.

5. The total liquidity of the country has reached 34761.7 trillion Rials, which has increased by 40.6 percent compared to the end of 2019.

6. At the end of winter of 2020, the total index of the Tehran Stock Exchange has decreased by 9.1 percent compared to previous season and has reached 1307707 units.

7. The value of customs exports was $ 9806 million, an increase of 2.7 percent up the same period last year. Also in this season, the value of customs imports was $ 11928 million, which is an increase of 0.2 percent compared to the same season last year.

8. The average exchange rate of dollar and euro against Rial in market has been equal to 245364 and 296504 Rials, respectively, which has decreased by 9.7 and 7.8 percent, respectively, compared to the previous season.

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