01 January 2022 - 12:08
president said;

The government is trying to return confidence to stock exchange

The government is trying to make stock exchange as a reliable organization for shareholders; the president said.
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IBENA- In final program of his two-day trip to Qom on Friday evening, in a press conference with media at Imam Kazem Theological School, Ayatollah Seyed Ibrahim Reisi said: In order to return calm to stock market, 10 decisions have been made in economic headquarters of the government, and by implementation of these decisions, situation of stock market has changed completely in past few days. Natural fluctuations in stock market are tolerable, but Fluctuations that cause people to worry cannot be tolerated, he noted referring to curbing inflation.

Reisi said: The government has abandoned inflationary decisions such as borrowing from central bank, and on the other hand, by pursuing some issues such as export development, it seeks to generate more revenue by pursuing certain issues such as export development; Lack of liquidity making as one of the important issues in reducing inflation is one of the main policies of this government. Referring to beginning of downward trend of inflation, he said: Currently, inflation in the country has taken a downward trend, and by the continuation of this situation, control and downward trend of inflation will be fully visible in the future.

Launching Bazargam system is one of actions taken by the government to restore calm to market and control inflation. The government seeks to provide the products and goods needed and to provide them to people in approved price, the President said.

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