16 April 2022 - 15:09

Central Bank agrees to increase ceiling of facilities for Youth Housing Savings Account

The ceiling of facilities for youth housing savings account of Maskan Bank in 1401 for different urban areas of the country was 2 times higher than last year.
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بانک مرکزی میرداماد

IBENA- Central Bank in a letter to CEO of Maskan Bank announcing the latest decisions regarding changes in some terms and conditions of the bank's youth housing savings account. Accordingly; In order to increase the desirability and attract new resources for the account, agreed to request of the bank to increase minimum deposit amount of 2 million rials to 4 million rials and increase the ceiling of the account facility of 10,000, 8,500, 7,000 Million of rials set in 1400 to 20,000, 17,000 and 14,000 rials in 1401, respectively, in Tehran, provincial centers and cities over 200,000 population and other urban areas, for accounts in 1401.

Also, in a part of the letter, agreed the proposal of that bank, regarding to change in division of geographical regions of youth housing account, respectively, from three regions Tehran, major cities and other urban areas to Tehran, provincial centers and cities Over 200,000 people and other urban areas.

Of course, central bank has not agreed with request of Maskan bank for accommodation of housing facilities from Youth Housing Savings Account and Certificate has priority right to use housing facilities of the bank in the ceilings approved by each of these accounts, according to the current policies of the government and Islamic parliament of Iran based on Strengthening housing construction (Leap of Housing Production Law).

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