24 April 2022 - 12:59

Foreign exchange allocation for imports increased 5 times more than last year

The total foreign exchange allocated for imports in April 2022 was 11 billion dollars, which is 5 times compared to the same period from last year.
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دلار یورو

IBENA- After allocating $ 1 billion for import of medicine and medical equipment and $ 3 billion for import of basic goods, allocation of $ 7 billion for import of other items, the total foreign exchange allocated from the beginning of this year, it has reached $ 11 billion, twitted Mostafa Ghamarivafa, central bank's public relations director. The figure has reached $ 11 billion since the beginning of 1401.

This amount was approximately equal to 5 times compared to the same period of last year: the total amount of Foreign exchange allocated in April last year (preferential and non-preferable) was about $ 2.3 billion, he noted.

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