23 May 2022 - 16:46

Strategies to development of banking and economic cooperation of Iran and Kazakhstan were discussed

In meeting between Governor of Central Bank of our country and Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan, strategies to development of banking and economic cooperation in line with expansion of economic and trade relations were discussed and necessary decisions were made in this regard.
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علی صالح آبادی

IBENA- According to public relations of Central Bank, this morning, Bakhit Sultanov, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Trade and Convergence of Kazakhstan, and a number of economic officials of the country met with Dr. Ali Salehabadi, Governor of Central Bank of our country to exchanged views about expansion Banking and trade cooperation.

Referring to Kazakhstan's readiness to develop economic relations with the Islamic Republic of Kazakhstan, Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan said: Very good agreements have been concluded in various economic sectors and private sector of two countries in recent months, so that volume of economic trade between Iran and Kazakhstan has grown by 50 percent in last three months, reaching $ 200 million.

Referring to the 85 percent growth in volume of trade and economic relations between two countries last year, he said: Before Covid-19, volume of economic relations between Iran and Kazakhstan was over one billion dollars, which is a return to this level of cooperation and even more.

Sultanov also stressed need to increase industrial and production cooperation between two countries: During the talks, it is planned that a joint chamber of commerce between Iran and Kazakhstan will be established soon and direct flights will be established between different cities of Kazakhstan and Iran.

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