28 May 2022 - 17:28
Vice Governor, IT Technology said:

Blocking Funds of accounts of issuers of returned checks began today

Legal plan of blocking Funds of accounts of issuers of returned checks has begun as much as amount of deficit of check in bank accounts today, Central Bank's Vice Governor, IT Technology said.
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IBENA- The process of blocking accounts of issuers of returned check is gradual and based on sequence of checks sent to central bank, Mehran Mahramian was quoted as saying This process will be done in the first days of project based on expected number, and after collecting project feedback from banks, this process will be extended to all returned checks trough a maximum of a week.

It is common in banks that customer is contacted by bank branches before the check is returned and usually issuer is given a short time to replenish his account so that check is not returned, but if the bank returns the check, rest of process is done automatically, mahramian said. At the moment of returning check, information of returned check will be sent to Central Bank and Central Bank will start process of blocking deficit amount of returned check in other accounts of individual from that moment, he added.

 Banks are obliged to send a text message of return check to issuer and also to send process of blocking the funds, Central Bank's Vice Governor, IT Technology said. what is provided in law is blocking funds, not withdrawing; Therefore, according to the law, central bank freezes the amounts and other items that already existed in law on returned checks, whether the person refers to beneficiary of the check and obtains his consent in some way, or initiates legal proceedings by Complaints to judiciary are still like before, and only new thing that has happened is to help realize the rights of individuals so that when a person goes to court, these blocked amounts are in account of check issuer's to be withdrawn by a court order, he pointed out.

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