06 June 2022 - 16:48
Governor of Central Bank announced;

New details of issuance of foreign exchange securities/Central Bank plan to calm foreign exchange market

Issuance of foreign exchange securities is a project, meaning that, a project is defined for these securities that have both foreign exchange income and acceptable returns so that it can repay in foreign currency, Governor of Central Bank said.
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علی صالح آبادی

IBENA – We have the largest currency reserves in history of country, so we have no problem in maintaining balance of supply and demand in currency market and we use all central bank's capacities to stabilize currency market, Dr. Ali Salehabadi said on fluctuation of foreign exchange market and how to manage it.

In the demand field, we are trying to cover full, those who have real demand in currency field in Nima market and currency exchange, he continued. Governor of Central Bank, in response to question about interest rate of foreign exchange securities that are to be issued soon, said: These foreign exchange securities are in form of projects, first the project is defined and then the foreign exchange securities are issued to finance that project.

Dr. Salehabadi, referring to specific time of the project, continued: Time is usually two or three years and maturity of papers will depend on the project that is defined. Security is in form of currency, which means that it is emphasized that repayment of both principal and interest will be in foreign currency. Projects will be defined and selected that must have foreign exchange income and acceptable returns that can be repaid in foreign currency, Governor of Central Bank pointed out.

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