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Inflation rate of producer declined last winter

A review of latest statistical data from Statistics Center of Iran shows that producer inflation rate declined in winter of 1400, so that inflation rate decreased by 6.6 percent, seasonal by 5.1 percent and annually by 6.6 percent.
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IBENA- Statistics Center released producer inflation rate last winter.

Producer inflation rate (producer price index) is one of pricing indicators that are examined in price level trend and is one of criteria that is calculated and announced from general level of price to measure economic performance. Therefore, it will have a significant impact on decisions of industry owners, investors and even policymakers.

purpose of calculating inflation rate of producer is to measure changes in prices that producers receive in exchange for sale of their commodities and services. In other words, it can be said that this index considers price of goods in factory and origin of production. By examining this index, we can get information about level of changes in price in market of goods and consumer services or inflation. In other words, any increase or decrease in price in producer price index with a time lag is also observed in consumer price index.

6.6 percent reduction in point to point inflation of producer

According to Statistics Center, changes in producer price index of whole country compared to same season of previous year (point to point inflation) in winter 1400 reached 42 percent, which has decreased by 6.6 percentage points compared to same information in previous season.

In other words, average price received by producers for production of their goods and services domestically, in winter 1400 compared to winter of 1399, increases by 42 percent. Among various production sectors, the lowest rate is related to generation, transmission and distribution of electricity (10.6 percent) and the highest rate is related to mining sector (64.5 percent).

Seasonal inflation rate of producer declined by 5.1 percent

A review of latest data shows that inflation rate of producer in whole country compared to previous season (seasonal inflation) in winter reached 4.9 percent, which compared to same information in previous season has decreased by 5.1 percentage points.

 In winter of last year, among various production sectors, the lowest rate was related to electricity sector with 2.1 percent and the highest seasonal inflation rate of producer was related to industrial sector with 7.8 percent; Also in this season, agricultural sector has faced a negative inflation rate of 11.4 percent.

6.6 percent decrease in annual inflation rate of producer

Changes in average total index of price of producer in four seasons leading up to winter 1400 compared to same period last year reached 54.3 percent, which compared to same information in previous season decreased by 6.6 percentage points.

In the winter of 1400, among main production sectors in the country, the lowest annual inflation is related to production, transmission and distribution of electricity with 19.4 percent and the highest is related to mining sector with 92.9 percent.

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