11 June 2022 - 15:48

What is process of restoring stolen property of Bank Melli Iran?

Following arrest of thieves of Iran's rented funds of Bank Melli Iran, a new statement on how to restore stolen property issued by the bank.
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بانک ملی

IBENA- Given result of valuable efforts of police and arrest of thieves of rental fund of Bank Melli Iran and acquisition of stolen property, following measures are needed to accurately and quickly restored property.

Dear Customer Cooperation is the most important factor in this success:

1- readiness of Bank Melli Iran to pay fifty percent of self-declaration amount, regardless of legal issues, when arrest of thieves and emergence of stolen property was a weak possibility, confirms the bank's firm commitment to customer orientation and professional ethics and preservation main purpose of the bank has been to "trust" of customers, but considering discovery of stolen property, logically efforts of bank and judicial authority are focused on restoring and delivering property to its owners.

2- Now, with acquisition of stolen property, before any action, separation and matching of the found property with self-declaration list of property owners is an inevitable necessity and requires cooperation with judicial authority and the bank in a logical process without any conflicting claims and suspicion, property of each of stakeholders is known and be delivered to its owner.

3- In order to facilitate and accelerate accurate identification of owner, providing documents and evidence of ownership such as purchase invoice or a specific address in terms of quantity and quality and other evidence and effective evidence, even intuition tariffs, help deliver property to its real owners.

4- It is possible that some known property will be determined in identification process and rest of claim will require more careful investigation. Respected stakeholders are expected to be patient with respect for rights of all those affected so that property of each of them can be restored as soon as possible.

5- Considering discovery of stolen property and interference of property of all stakeholders, jurisdiction of final recognition of ownership of each property to its owners is with judicial authority and task of determining its deficit is responsibility of the same authority, but Bank Melli Iran until resolved completely responsibility deals with pursuit of property restitution.

6- It is recommended in regard to self-declaration made by stakeholders in a tense atmosphere and troubles caused by theft of property and in order to investigate more quickly in stage of matching and identifying property, all stakeholders should announce details of property to Second branch of 34th District Court of Tehran should also be investigated.

 7- Bank Melli Iran is committed to take action regarding compensation of possible property deficit, in accordance with diagnosis and opinion of a respected judicial authority.

 8- It is expected that in regard to arrest of thieves after a short time of theft and emergence of property as much as possible, property owners will calmly give opportunity of separation and adjustment and diagnosis to experts and judicial authority and avoid tension get to their property faster.

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