02 July 2022 - 12:37

Iran's $ 9 billion trade in June / Trade balance of last month of spring was +204 million dollars

Country's non -oil foreign trade in June increased by 3 percent to $ 8.9 billion, which country's exports taking lead over imports this month, a trade balance of $ + 204 million, said customs spokesman.
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تجارت خارجی

IBENA- Sayyed Ruhollah Latifi, customs spokesman, said about country's non-oil trade in June: Country's non-oil trade in third month of year with 13 million and 622 thousand tons of goods reached eight billion and 902 million dollars. Share of export of this non-oil foreign trade was 10,650 thousand million tons of goods worth $ 4 billion and $ 553 million, and share of imports was two million and 972 thousand tones goods worth 4 billion and 349 million dollars, He added.

With continued lead of exports over imports, country's trade balance was $+204 million in June, Latifi further said. Country's exports in June of this year have not changed in value of exported goods compared to previous year, but country's imports have increased by 6.5 percent this month, Customs spokesman said about changes in trade in June.

One million and 114 thousand tons of foreign goods have crossed through our country this month, which was more than 213 thousand tons compared to June last year and increased by 24 percent, Latifi said about amount of foreign transit in June.

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