20 August 2022 - 15:25

How to get travel currency?

According to the approval of Central Bank, people who travel abroad can receive foreign currency in approved price of foreign exchange market once a year if they are eligible to receive travel currency according to the rules.
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IBENA- According to the approval of central bank, travelers who intend to travel abroad can have travel currency.

According to latest resolution of Central Bank, which was on first of august in this year was published, supply and payment of travel currency in form of bills for travelers and at rate listed in Electronic Currency Transaction System (ETS) for countries with a 500 euros visa or its equivalent to other currencies and for countries without a 300 euros visa or its equivalent to other currencies.

To receive this currency, it is necessary to first submit your identity information and request to buy currency in online system of Iranian currency market at https://my.ice.ir/.

In case of eligibility to buy currency based on regulations of Central Bank, the system will display a list of nearest exchange companies and after the applicant selects an exchange office, application information will be sent to selected exchange office and the applicant can go to exchange office and buy required currency by national identification card at appointed time.

Which documents are required to receive travel currency?

Documents required for uploading in system and going to bank for submit a request to purchase travel currency:

Valid passport of Islamic Republic of Iran (valided at least 6 months), air travel ticket, either single or double, paper or electronic (paper stamped by airline agency), destination country visa (for countries that require a visa), Passport, payment receipt for exiting country, bank card in applicant's name, mobile phone number in applicant's name and full address and postal code, that these documents and information must be submitted to the bank for supervision of bank inspectors.

After completing the form, paying equivalent of Rials and entering stamp of “travel currency paid at date ...” in the passport, the applicant can receive requested currency and its receipt from the bank.

What is the rate of travel currency?

It is not possible to determine price of travel currency as a fixed rate, and applicants for travel currency must, at time of payment, calculate travel currency rate by referring to national exchange system of Iran at https://mex.co.ir/ , view daily rate table and find out about travel exchange rate.

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