11 September 2022 - 14:42
In first 5 months of this year;

Foreign trade with Eurasia exceeded 1.3 billion dollars

Value of Iran's foreign trade with countries of Eurasian Union in the first 5 months of year reached 1 billion 326 million 394 thousand dollars, head of customs said.
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IBENA- Alireza Moghdisi announced the largest amount of export goods of Iran to Eurasia from the beginning of year to the end of August to Russia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Belarus respectively and during this period, amount of exports of Iran to Russia is 291 million and 228 thousand dollars, Armenia 144 million and 101 thousand dollars, Kazakhstan 61 million and 206 thousand dollars, Kyrgyzstan 18 million and 426 thousand dollars and Belarus 7 million and 178 thousand dollars, added.

43 percent increase in imports from Eurasia

According to head of customs, in the first five months of this year, import of our country from countries of Eurasian Economic Union has reached about 804 million 253 thousand dollars, which has increased by 43 percent compared to the same period of last year.

Russia with 715 million and 360 thousand dollars, Kazakhstan with 78 million and 423 thousand dollars, Belarus with 3 million and 887 thousand dollars, Armenia with 3 million and 862 thousand dollars and Kyrgyzstan with 2 million and 719 thousand dollars are first to fifth countries of origin of goods. They were imported from Iran.

Referring to the most important measures in line with implementation of law of Iran-Eurasia Agreement to increase volume of foreign trade between the members, Moghadasi said: In internal department, Iranian Customs formed a working group to monitor customs affairs in Eurasian area in field of assigning a green route for exchange declaration in agreement, agreeing to one-way transportation in import and export, accepting minimum documents in line with goods clearance, necessary arrangements in line with pre-declaration of exchanged data-x-items in customs, establishing a center to respond to issues in customs and harmonizing commodity code (HS) ) has taken necessary action from 8 digits to 10 digits.

In this sector, by holding 7 meetings with neighboring organizations in field of foreign trade and carrying out facilitating measures, including updating customs value of export goods in accordance with the Eurasian Agreement, coordination to provide licenses Legal clearance through a single authority and necessary decisions to control export shipments subject to restrictions and prohibitions took a step in order to facilitate trade between Iran and Eurasia, head of customs also pointed to actions of customs in national sector and added.


Iran's customs in international field has also formed a joint working group for customs cooperation online with countries of Eurasia, to update customs value of Iran's export data-x-items to Eurasia, follow up on finalization of electronic exchange of customs information document and recognition cooperation document.

In order to provide more favorable trade facilities between countries, Iran has agreed to implement electronic certificate of origin and apply Eurasia preferential discounts between countries on export goods, Moghadasi further clarified. According to head of customs, all of these measures have reduced customs formalities between the countries and accelerated clearance of goods.

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