19 October 2022 - 15:52
Economic spokesperson of the government:

The government agreed with plan of tax of capital gains from parliament

The government board agreed with plan of the parliament on tax of capital gains and appointed Ministry of Economy as representative of the government in public forum of the parliament, economic spokesman of the government said.
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IBENA- Today One of the issues raised in meeting of the government delegation is official statement and introduction of representative of the government regarding plan of tax of business that is currently in the parliament. It is under consideration as the title of plan of tax of capital gains, Sayyed Ehsan Khandozi, economic spokesman of the government, on the sidelines of the government delegation, in response to reporter of IBENA, said.


Many years, economic experts and experts were following t punishment of speculation by using tax so that the resources are directed towards productive activities. He appointed representative of the government in the public hall of the parliament.


Tax on total income has been approved in economic commission of the government, but since it needs approval of Islamic Council, it will be sent to the parliament as a bill. Minister of Economy also explained about the promise of Ministry of Economy to amend the law on direct taxes and the issue of total income tax.

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