22 October 2022 - 15:06

Head of planning and budget organization presented solutions for financing of housing construction

The head of planning and budget organization considered taxes from empty houses, Mehr mortgage installments and assets of Ministry of Roads as among resources needed to finance housing construction.
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IBENA- Fund resources of National Housing are provided in several ways; Partly, from the sale of assets that Ministry of Roads and Urban Development must sell its assets and add to these resources, Masoud Mirkazemi, head of planning and Budget Organization, said about the financing of housing construction.

Another part of the resources is provided by taxes from properties and empty houses, etc. Also, previous Mehr mortgage installments must be deposited to support housing issue, he added.

Concessions of Ministry of Roads is another solution in this area, for example, the Ministry can participate in this matter by its lands, in sense that from location of high-quality land, in places where the land is cheaper to build housing for people who have less wealth, and these solutions are being implemented gradually, head of Planning and Budget Organization told Khaneh Mellat.

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