05 January 2023 - 15:30
In a conversation with IBENA;

Which effect does Dr.Farzin's trip to Qatar have on trade and currency market?

Which effect does Dr.Farzin's trip to Qatar have on trade and currency market?
If agreements are made during visit of Governor of Central Bank, it will have an effect on the currency market, a member of Tehran Chamber of Commerce said.
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According to reporter of IBENA, Today, Governor of central bank visited Qatar along with economic deputy of minister of foreign affairs. In this trip, increase of monetary and banking exchanges and cooperation between Iran and Persian Gulf countries has been emphasized.

Our country is isolated due to the sanctions and cause of any economic diplomacy will improve the process of business of the country, Feryal Mostofi, as a member of delegation of Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture, in a conversation to reporter of IBENA about the effects of this measure, stating that communication with neighboring countries in any field makes business flourish, she said.


Going on a trip depends on how the negotiations to other side are, if bilateral or multilateral monetary agreements and memorandums of understanding are concluded between two countries, this trip can be considered very positive, Mostofi in response to the question that visit of Governor of central bank to Qatar will have an effect on monetary and banking transactions of the country? She said.

Most exchanges in the world are done with dollars and other currencies play a small role in this area, but whatever our country can expand monetary agreements with neighboring countries and other countries, it is useful, but due to the sanctions, Bilateral monetary agreements or use of other currencies will decrease, but if the country also agrees to this monetary agreement, situation will be better, she continued.

Face-to-face meetings and trips to other countries will be effective in economic process of the country, if agreements are made during this trip that will open up the currency market. It will be effective, also the promotion of banking and financial relations with any country has a positive charge, the member of delegation of Tehran Chamber of Commerce, regarding to effect of visit of Governor of Central Bank on foreign exchange market, said.

We should not neglect this point that in every trip or meeting, there is a possibility of a new topic, thought and idea, which is valuable for every banking, political or economic transaction, in the end, she stressed.

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