10 January 2023 - 17:39

Dr.Farzin went to UAE\ Monetary and banking diplomacy continues in the region

Governor of Central Bank left for UAE today, January 9, 2023
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According to IBENA- Dr. Mohammad Reza Farzin; Governor of Central Bank of Iran left Tehran to Dubai a few minutes ago in order to facilitate monetary and banking relations with the United Arab Emirates, to provide the necessary resources for business of Iranian businessmen in this country and to conduct monetary technical negotiations regarding compatibility of currency and trade system, spokesperson of Central Bank said.

Development and strengthening of economic, monetary and banking relations to Persian Gulf countries is on serious agenda of Governor of Central Bank, Mostafa Qamarivafa added.

According to this report, CEOs of Sepah, Saderat and Parsian banks and International Vice President of National Bank of Iran will accompany Governor of Central Bank in this trip.

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