16 January 2023 - 18:30
Governor of Central Bank in a meeting with economists:

Control of inflation; Based and main policy of central bank\ 40 cases of needs of foreign exchange of people would be provided in foreign exchange market

In a meeting with economists and experts, Governor of Central Bank announced the main policy of Central Bank in new era to down inflation.
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IBENA- We will implement an active monetary and banking policy in this period, on this basis, to control inflation. Also, control of demands in area of ​​liquidity and money making, along with factors affecting the cost side, is on the serious agenda of Central Bank, In four-hour meeting with economists, experts and economic experts, Governor of Central Bank announced that inflation control is the main and central policy of Central Bank in new period and said.

Managing of inflationary expectations and gaining confidence of People in the society are one of important indicators in success of any economic program, and in this field, cooperation of all institutions and experts can definitely help us in reaching expected goals, as Mohammad Reza Farzin, in first meeting with economists, emphasized discipline of monetary sector, regulation of relationship between government and central bank, strict implementation of policy of stabilization of exchange rate in NIMA system, and optimal use of monetary instruments to down inflation and liquidity, and added.

In this meeting, Governor of Central Bank also emphasized implementation of policy of the rate stabilization of 28,500 tomans in Nima system for import of basic goods, raw materials and machinery and production equipment in order to stabilize currency market and reduce inflationary expectations and said: Various aspects of this policy have been discussed and investigated, will be followed with all seriousness in different sectors.

It should be mentioned that in this meeting, Dr. Farhad Nili, Mohammad Reza Ranjbarfalah, Abbas Memaranjad, Teimur Rahmani, Sayyed Mohammad Hadi Sobanyan, Vahid Shaghaqi, Shapour Mohammadi, Sayyed Ahmad Reza Jalali Naieni, Hamid Zamanzadeh, Mohammad Shirijian, Ahmad Mojtahed, Adel peyghami, Mohsen Yazdan Panah, Hossein Droudian and vice president and economic deputy of Central Bank were present.


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