30 January 2023 - 16:42
Governor of Central Bank announced:

Direct communication between Iranian and Russian banks was established

Governor of central bank announced the establishment of direct communication between Iranian and Russian banks.
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IBENA- In the framework of document of joint measures between the central banks of Iran and Russia, in addition to direct communication with Russian banks, our country's banking system will have direct communication with 106 foreign and non-Russian banks. The financial channel between Iran and the world is being repaired, Mohammad Reza Farzin, Governor of central bank, wrote on Twitter.

According to IBENA, Today, in building of Mirdamad, national messaging systems of central banks of Iran (SEPAM) and Russia (SPFS) were connected to each other. Implementation of this contract, 52 Iranian banks and 4 foreign banks will be connected to Sepam platform from Iranian side, and 106 banks will be connected through SPFS from Russian side. Connecting financial messengers of Iran and Russia is an unsanctioned action whose infrastructure is not dependent on domination system.

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