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Control of inflation and practical support of production; The definitive policy of central bank in 1402

In a thanking message to the leadership, Mohammadreza Farzin declared control of inflation and practical support for production sectors as the definitive policy of Central Bank.
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IBENA- Mohammad Reza Farzin, Governor of Central Bank of Iran, in a message thanking the Supreme Leader, declared control of inflation and practical support for various production sectors as the definite policy of Central Bank in 1402 and said: Economic stability is on serious agenda of the government and banking network of the country.

The text of message of Dr. Farzin, Governor of Central Bank, is as follows:

Oh reformer of hearts and minds, Director of day and night, Transformer of conditions, Change ours to the best in accordance with your will,

On the first day of "Nowrouz" of 1402, the spring and the arrival of "Ramadan", spring of Qur'an, congratulating great nation of Islamic Iran and the staff of the country's banking network, I hope that new year will be full of success and prosperity for the nation and dear Iran.

Central Bank and the country's banking network in this year that the Supreme Leader called it "Control of inflation and Growth of Production” has been named, thanking him for his concerns, he considers it necessary to create a platform for full realization of this important motto of the year, and certainly with the measures adopted by Central Bank and the Government in the economic and political fields, new year will bring good news for the honorable nation of Islamic Iran. 

Central bank in continuing its policies towards monetary discipline of banking network, reducing the government's reliance on central bank's resources and controlling the liquidity and monetary base; Curbing inflation is on its serious agenda in 1402.  Also, through special measures in the field of economic diplomacy and new organization to control currency market, hope to see a decrease in fluctuations of exchange rate and a rationalization of inflationary expectations, and in this way we can convey message of economic stability to economic activists.

1402 will definitely be a difficult year for currency traders and smuggling of goods, of course strengthening support for real sector of economy and production. Banking network will help production in the new year as well as last year, and providing facilities for growing prosperity of production is the first priority of the banking network.

The growth of 38 percent in payment of bank facilities in 11 months of 1401 and 75 present of production sector in this facility shows the serious determination of banking network in practical support for production, while last year we saw 148 percent growth in the granting of facilities to knowledge-based companies.

Emphasizing that control of inflation and practical support for production sectors is the definitive policy of the Central Bank, I wish a year full of joy with hope and well-being for all my compatriots.

Mohammad Reza Farzin

Government of Central Bank of Islamic Republic of Iran 

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