25 April 2023 - 11:50
Governor of Central Bank in the meeting of bank CEOs:

Non balanced and inflationary banks only have a chance to improve until September/ 9 percent points decrease in growth of liquidity in 1401

Non balanced and inflationary banks only have a chance to improve until September  9 percent points decrease in growth of liquidity in 1401
6-month deadline of Central Bank to the Non balanced banks (until September) to correct their overdrafts, Governor of this bank announced.
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IBENA- Main part of slogan of the year, focusing on control of inflation and growth of production, is the responsibility of Central Bank and the banking system as central bank's duties, the most important action and variable based on the description of the bank's duties is strict implementation of monetary policies and control of exchange rate, Governor of Central Bank, Mohammad Reza Farzin, in his regular meeting with banks CEOs, stated.

Expansion of exchange center of currency and gold in order to fix exchange rate
According to Governor of central bank, the currency stabilization fund with the mission of regulating and stabilizing the currency market will start its work after approval of money and credit council.

Six-month opportunity to non-balanced banks

Non-balanced banks have six months to resolve their main problem, which has an adverse effect on macroeconomic indicators, Governor of Central Bank further announced the six-month opportunity of Central Bank to some non-balanced banks (until September) to correct their overdrafts and said.

Responsibility of the board of directors for the problems of banks
This year, we are trying to make a decision about some public companies whose accounts have been transferred to central bank, because this issue has intensified monetary contraction of the banking network and has had an effect on increasing the imbalance of some banks. Of course, this problem can be solved through some solutions, Farzin clarified.

Allocation of 20 percent of facilities of bank network to housing
If provision of housing sector facilities in the banking network increases, this issue will definitely affect the rate of growth of this sector in the macroeconomics as well, Referring to negative rate of growth in the housing sector last year and its effects on macroeconomic indicators, he said.

Banks necessary to pay serious attention to housing payments
currently, the banks do not have the optimal capital adequacy and they should try to have necessary negotiations with their assemblies in this regard, Governor of central bank also said about the capital adequacy of the banks.

It should be mentioned that in this meeting, economic supervision, foreign exchange and new technologies of central bank assistants, presented a report of their actions through last year and listed their most important plans for this year. Based on this, some CEOs of bank also expressed their views on current banking issues.

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