23 May 2023 - 16:48
Mohammadreza Farzin:

Micropayment must be done by a guarantor/ bubble of currency is in downward trend

Micropayment must be done by a guarantor  bubble of currency is in downward trend
When people go to banks for micro-facilities, they should not have difficulties, governor of Central Bank said.
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IBENA-Micro-facilities play an important role in solving problems of people and that banks should not cause problems for them in this direction, and banks should pay notified quotas regarding credit facilities as well as micro-facilities must be committed according to the law, Dr. Mohammad Reza Farzin, in monthly meeting with CEOs of banking network, stated.


According to the law, payment of credit facilities must be done with a guarantor, so if a bank does not have financial resources to pay the credit, it should announce it, however, delaying people in banks under the excuse of guarantor is not correct, pointing to the strictness of some branches in obtaining too many guarantors for payment of credit facilities, Farzin said.


Negative expectations played an important role in creating the inflammations in monetary and financial markets, which made a bubble in the markets, but fortunately, after 2 months of this year, the situation has improved and the markets, including currency, stock exchange, gold, etc., have moved towards peace and stability, referring to the inflammation and anxiety in the monetary and financial markets of the country in the last months of last year, Governor of Central Bank said.


By set of measures adopted, we have seen stability in the currency market, and bubble of currency is decreasing, and by this trend, the bubble of other markets will also decrease, expectations have been adjusted and we will have more favorable situation in the future, Farzin added. Strengthening monetary discipline will be one of the main priorities of Central Bank throughout the year, referring to the targeting of 25 percent for growth of liquidity in this year, Governor of Central Bank said.


Banks play an important role in controlling inflation and growth of production. Accordingly, Central Bank follows implementation of corrective programs to resolve the imbalances of banks and tasks of imbalanced banks will be done by September of this year, emphasizing that Central Bank has prepared a corrective plan to resolve imbalances of each bank, he said.

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