05 August 2023 - 09:58
Governor of Central Bank announced;

200 thousand dinars have been allocated for Arbaeen pilgrims

200 thousand dinars have been allocated for Arbaeen pilgrims
Governor of Central Bank announced that this year we plan to pay Arbaeen currency to the pilgrims in dinars
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IBENA- This year, our decision is to pay Arbaeen currency in dinars, and we will no longer give dollars or euros like in previous years, Mohammad Reza Farzin; Governor of central bank said about the way and how to allocate Arbaeen currency this year.


Based on this decision, we will give 200,000 dinars to each pilgrim, and people can go to four operating banks and buy Arbaeen currency, he added. Of course, we will do our best to allocate this currency more in person. Last year, Bank Melli had a major share and it paid more than 40 percent of Arbaeen currency, Governor of Central Bank continued.


Of course, Bank Melli is also participating in this process this year, and three other banks are also with it, and we have made forecast and paid this currency, Farzin said. Another issue is facilities that some banks provide Arbaeen facilities to applicants, which is part of banks' internal policies, He also said about Arbaeen facilities.

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