01 November 2023 - 15:19
Governor of Central Bank stated;

Facilitating the payment of micro loans are essential by electronic systems

Program of Central Bank and banking network is to develop micro loans and good loans by new and offline tools, farzin said.
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IBENA- The program of Central Bank and banking network to develop micro-loans and loans by new and offline tools, Mohammad Reza Farzin, at unveiling ceremony of new service of Mellat Bank's called Fara-bank, Governor of Central Bank, referring to importance of payment of micro-loans and loans in the level of people's satisfaction from banking network, said.


One of problems of people in receiving facilities is continuous visits to branches. The use of new technological tools, such as new service of Mellat Bank, which offers all steps of receiving the offline service, can be an important step in providing fast and easy services to the society and this service should be widespread in the entire banking network, Governor of Central Bank emphasized.


Considering that lowest ratio of non-current claims to total non-payment loans (NPL) is related to micro-loans, banks can cooperate with customers as much as possible in receiving guarantees and validation. The use of electronic tools such as electronic promissory notes can also be helpful for banks and customers in this field, and we hope that the use of these tools will spread to all banks and customers.


Farzin stared the issue of validation as one of the other problems of people in receiving loans. Today, there are many attacks and destructions on the banking network, and considering heavy responsibility of banking network, this situation is unfair, and valuable services of banking network to country's economy and members of society should also be reported, Governor of Central Bank stated.


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