22 November 2023 - 14:09

Farzin; Interest rate won’t be changed

"We have no intention to change interest rate", referring to deal with offending banks in field of interest rate compliance, Governor of central bank said.
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IBENA- We have a large number of exchange offices, and our lack of satisfaction with the exchange offices led to the dissolution of Kanoon-e-Sarrafan, and following a new mechanism for monitoring exchanges. Many exchange offices that were not subject to regulations have had their licenses revoked, on the sidelines of government meeting, Mohammadreza Farzin, referring to fundamental changes in the license of exchange offices, announced this action in line with more supervision of Central Bank said.


Therefore, we regularly supervise performance of exchanges, and recently we brought new regulations to Money and Credit Council to make fundamental changes in the licenses of exchange offices. New law and regulations for establishment of exchange offices will be announced soon, He further added.


Banks are obliged to comply with notified deposit interest rate, and those banks that move outside of Central Bank's regulations domain, regarding deposit interest rates are violators and the case will be submitted to disciplinary board for review. Besides, we have no intention to change interest rate, emphasizing on compliance with the bank's deposit interest rate notified by the banking network, Farzin said.

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