18 August 2017 - 15:20

Iran’s Capital Market En Route to Connection to Hong Kong’s Exchange

Deputy Director of Iran’s Securities and Exchange Organization says Iranian authorities in capital markets are attempting to join the Hong Kong 's Stock Exchange.
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بهادر بیژنی

Deputy Director of Iran’s Securities and Exchange Organization, Bahador Bijani, said when Iran’s stock exchange’s name be on the list of ordinary members of ISECO, foreign investors will be confident that our stock exchange has necessary standards.

Regarding Dual Listing, Bijani noted Tehran’s Stock Exchange has made efforts and they aren’t limited to Istanbul’s Exchange.

“We have embarked on a serious negotiation with Hong Kong’s Exchange and the Securities and Exchange Organization as an observer to contribute this task to be done”, he said.

Deputy Director of Iran’s Securities and Exchange Organization stressed that a meeting was held approximately 45 days ago in Jamaica in which the head of Hong Kong’s capital market’s observer, who is also the Director of ISECO, attended and we discussed as to turning our membership from ‘continuous’ into ordinary one and we are following it vehemently.

He underscored that our case at present is reviewing by England, South Korea, South Africa, Greece and the observer of Québec in Canada to change Iran’s Stock Exchange membership from ‘continuous’ to ordinary one.

Bijani made the remarks that our changing membership state in ISECO could lead to Iran’s Exchange being close to global standards and also more absorbing foreign investment, therefor; our collaboration with the world exchanges will be developed.

Deputy Director of Iran’s Securities and Exchange Organization underlined the effect of those standards are not only beyond the international sector, but also influence the domestic rules and regulations. Hence, for instance, if the Shareholders of Justice enter capital market the standards and corporate sovereignty help us to act more powerfully in these areas.

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