11 September 2017 - 15:47

Big European Banks Have Brokerage Relationship with Iranian Side

CEO of Export Development Bank of Iran, Ali Saleh Abadi, says Iran's banks have been in touch with foreign banks such as Austrian, Italian and German ones since JCPOA.
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بانک توسعه صادرات ایران

CEO of Export Development Bank of Iran, Ali Saleh Abadi, noted at the present there is a brokerage relationship with 124 foreign banks by Export Development Bank of Iran stating fortunately Iranian banks could make a remarkable connection with foreign ones thesedays.

He made the remarks that in the beginning of the post-sanction activities, most of our relationships were focused just on small and medium banks, then the connection with big foreign banks was made.

Saleh Abadi stressed that Belgian KBC bank is as an example of a big European bank which has a brokerage relationship with Iranian banks. Also, Oberbank is another big Austarian bank has banking relationships with Iranian banks.

CEO of Export Development Bank of Iran touched upon the relationship between Iranian side and Italian banks adding Germany's Deutsche Bank accepts Iranian clients' banker's drafts, while it wasn't in the beginning of JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Action) and the past.

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