03 October 2017 - 15:31

Iran to Boost Banking Ties with Turkey,Pakistan

Director General of Iran's Central Bank reports Turkey and Iran's banking cooperation will rise on the eve of Erdogan's visit to Iran and Pakistan's local currency will be exchanged in Iran and vice versa.
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اجلاس ترکیه

Regarding the recent achievements of Iran's Central Bank's delegation trip to Turkey and taking part in the Meeting of Central Banks and Monetary Authorities of the OIC Members Countires, Hossein Yaghoubi, Director General of Iran's Central Bank, said during the seminar, utilizing financial tools was discussed.

He pointed to the sidelines meetings of Valiollah Seif, Iran's Central Bank's Governor, with some countries' central banks governors, expressing Seif paid a visit to Pakistan's Central Bank's Governor and increasing cooperation into banking networks was emphasized.

"Iran and Pakistan's local currencies are going to be used for trade exchanges of two countries and it will come into effect soon", Yaghoubi said.

He stated that Iran's Central Bank's Governor had a meeting with Turkey's Central Bank's Governor and Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey and Seif talked about Iran's requests during the meeting.

"Seif complained about Turkish banking services to Iranians, stating although after JCPOA some good events happened between Iranian banks and many other banks, the level of Turkish banks cooperation with Iranian ones is not in an agreeable level yet.

Seif urged that Iran and Turkey's banks collaboration increases, highlighting currently a few Turkey's brokerage banks have cooperation with Iran, but it's better two or three extra Turkish banks will be encouraged to have cooperation with Iranian banks", Yaghoubi said.

Director General of Iran's Central Bank noted that Iran's Central Bank's delegation had some meetings with Zirrat Bank, biggest Turkish bank, and Turkey's Vakif Bank's authorities and Zirrat Bank accepted to open Lire and Euro accounts for the Central Bank and other Iranian banks, adding Vakif Bank is reviewing Iran's request for cooperation.

Yaghoubi said, during Recep Tayyip Erdogan's trip to Iran, some MoUs will be inked by two sides officials.

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