07 October 2017 - 16:13

Iran Oil Export Exceeds 2.6 Million bpd

Iran's crude oil and condensates exports hit a new record by surpassing 2.6 million barrels per day in September
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تانکر نفتکش

Iran could export 2 million and 250 thousand barrels of crude oil per day to different Asian and European countries in September. Meanwhile, China and India were the biggest Iran's oil crud buyers by more than one million barrels of Iranian oil purchase each day.

Furthermore, approximately 430 thousand barrels of Iranian condensates were shipped to various Asian destinations and South Korea's share from them was roughly 50 percent and the country hit the biggest Iranian condensates buyer.

Iran also considers to consume produced condensates in its territory to supply its domestic needs in the line with implementing Resistance Economy and preventing from Crdue Sale.

According to the report, Persian Gulf Star Refinery and Barzoye Petrochemical Complex are the biggest consumers of the country's condensates and based on the Sixth Development Plan, all produced condensates will be consumes in Iran.

At present, about 100 thousand barrels of condensates are given to Persian Gulf Star Refinery as a feed daily and the figure is going to increase by completing other units of the super refinery of Persian Gulf Star, adding the consumption of three phases of Persian Gulf Star Refinery is 360 thousand bpd.

Moreover, the consumption of Barzoye Petrochemical Complex's condensates, the biggest producer of Aromatic materials in the world, is over 100 thousand barrels per day and other petrochemical complexes consume approximately 100 thousand barrels of condensates daily.

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