27 October 2017 - 17:32

New Chapter in Iran-Azerbaijan Customs Relations

Iran and Azerbaijan have reached the agreement to increase the business hours of two countries' customs.
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At a meeting, Masoud Karbasian, Iran's Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance, Aydin Aliyev, Head of the Customs Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Javad Jahangirzade, Iran's ambassador to Azerbaijan, and some officials of two sides emphasized the cooperation in various sectors, in particular customs field.

Increasing business hours of Astara, Bile Savar, Poldasht - Shah Takhti's customs, laying groundwork for constructing a new customs in Amishli and Aslan Dosage, facilitating exports and imports, homeginizing procedures of Iran,Russia and the Republic of Azerbaijan and implementing some facilitation ways in customs affairs were discussed.

"During the meeting, Astara customs hours were scheduled to be open round the clock and after returning to Tehran I'll follow this subject. It is supposed that Bile Savar's customs transit to be 24 hours and its passenger's section be open on holidays and Poldasht-Shah Takhti customs' business hours increase by 1o hours daily," Karbasian said.

He stressed the customs affairs facilitation and developing Iran-Azarbaijan trade cooperation, adding two sides agreed to expedite electronic information exchange process to reduce boundary delays and improve risk management assessment.

Iran's Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance highlighted the development of customs cooperation from bilateral to multilateral parts and also collaboration with Georgia and Russia in customs sector will be reviewed.

Karbasian made the remarks that coordination between World Customs Organization and establishing Customs Committees to solve probable problems during the customs operation procedures were discussed at the joint meeting.

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