25 November 2017 - 14:44

Iran Stock Exchange Hits All-Time Record

Iran's Stock Exchange's index, on Saturday's trading session, grew more than 1000 points, increasing to above 90,000 points.
News ID : 78136

The index of Iran's Stock Exchange, on Saturday's trading session, rose by 1,028 points and stood at 90,367 points which is the all-time record in the history of Iran's bourse.

Total and price indexes increased 1.13 percent, while free float index and first market index went up 1.24% and 1.48 percent, respectively, which were the most increase among other indexes.

Also, Iran National Copper Industry Co., Esfahan's Mobarakeh Steel Company and Bandar Abbas Oil refinery could gain 142 points, 122 points and 106 points respectively, recording the most influence in Iran's Stock Exchange's Index.

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