12 December 2017 - 15:19

Dollar Eliminated from Central Bank of Iran's Current Transactions

Central Bank of Iran's Governor reported that dollar has been eliminated from the current transactions of Iran's Central Bank and banking system.
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Speaking to the reporters, Valiollah Seif, Central Bank of Iran's Governor, in the sidelines of Research&Technology Week ceremony said indisputably, dollar has been eliminated from Central Bank of Iran's current transactions and our banking system, adding dollar doesn't have many functions in our banking system and we receive our claims with other currencies. He stated that our foreign exchange payments are done with other currencies.

Regarding the freezing Iranian aliens' bank account in some countries like China and UAE, Seif said it is not thoroughly formal news, but perhaps there are few cases that some specific banks exert strict rules against Iranian aliens because of a certain policy.

The official went on to say that China has declared publicly the issue is not only pertaining to Iranians and it is a domestic policy in some banks, but Central Bank of Iran has expressed its sensitivity to it and will pursue the matter.

Seif stressed that after JCPOC (Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Action) and in post-sanction era, 245 banks are cooperating with Iranian banks and there is a brokerage relations with them.

Central Bank of Iran's Governor made the remark that the currency system of the country is naturally a managed floating currency system.

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