31 January 2018 - 09:10

Iranians Bank Account Problem Solved in China

Director General of International Affairs of Iran's Central Bank said the Central Bank's plan versus UAE is finding alternative markets in banking and monetary activities area in the Persian Gulf, adding the problem of Iranians' blocked bank accounts in China has been solved.
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پرچم ایران و چین

Hossein Yaghoubi stated that reopening Iranian bank accounts in China is a result of compressed consulting of Central Bank and political authorities with Chinese side and even the previous week an Iranian delegation traveled to China to have final proceeding.

He mentioned that currently Chinese banks give special services to their Iranian customers, continuing the process of reopening Iranians' bank account has been started since last week and Chinese banks will remove blocked accounts immediately after identifying account holders.

Regarding the reason of Iranians' blocked account, the official said it happened because American side put pressure on Chinese banks for identifying their customers; therefore, many Iranians' account such as students and trade activists in some Chines banks was blocked.

Yaghoubi went on to say that to remove this problem besides Central Bank's authorities and political officials consultation, account holders gave required information and documents for identification to Chinese banks.

As to some limitations that UAE has imposed against Iranian businessmen's' accounts in Emirates in recent months, Director General of International Affairs of Iran's Central Bank said the UAE's political stance is thoroughly agains Iran and two countries' political relations are in low level.

The official emphasized that our policy versus UAE in banking activities area is finding alternative markets in the Persian Gulf, so in the region Iran's relations with Oman and Qatar are expanding and economists suggest that according to Iran's extended brokerage relations with these two countries' banks, Qatar and Oman should be replaced with UAE in trade and banking activities.

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