05 March 2018 - 19:53

Iran,Russia to Launch Provincial Economic Cooperation

Minister of Economy in his meeting with his Russian counterpart negotiated about bilateral cooperation expansion.
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پرچم ایران و روسیه

At the meeting, Masoud Karbasian pointed to 3 visits of two countries' presidents in recent years, going on it indicates the strategic depth of reciprocal relations, stressing that two countries' political relations are in an ideal state, expanding economic relations to strengthen these relations are inevitable.

He said during the eleventh government and now in the twelfth government some significant steps have been taken to make our country's economy resistant. Iranian minister expressed his gratitude for positive and infrastructure changes in Russia's economy, considering it as an opportunity to expand relations.

Regarding the Caspian Sea, Karbasian made the remarks that it has a specific importance for us, we make an attempt to use its adjacent provinces' capacity to develop Iran-Russia's economic relations, referring to the successful establishment of Iran's chamber of commerce in Astarakhan, calling for development measures like it and facilitating two countries' economic relations.

Minister of Economy mentioned that another important issue is joint investments, clarifying a work group has been made in the joint commission to pursue it.

Masoud Karbasian also talked about opportunities and agreements have been achieved in transportation, stating expediting the North-South Corridor Project.

Expanding banking relations between two countries, providing required infrastructure for facilitating bilateral trade, developing tourism relations and making a joint committee for expanding two-side investment were other parts of Minister of Economy's talks with Maxim Oreshkin Russian Minister for Economic Development.

Oreshkin, in his side, said we look at our economic and political relations with Iran through strategic lens and believe that the current political determination which has been created for developing two countries' relations, needs economic measures to deepen and expand it.

The official went on to say that we thoroughly support provincial cooperation between two countries, regarding the North-South Corridor Project we have worked quickly and also prepared to proceed it through a joint project between two ministries.

He expressed his hope that remarkable steps will be taken in reciprocal investment area, and working with Euro Asia Union can make big economic changes.

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