10 March 2018 - 16:42

Iran,Iraq's New Customs Agreements Revealed

Iran and Iraq's Customs Director Generals have signed a bilateral agreement to develop trade.
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ایران و عراق

In the sideline of Esahaq Jahangiri's trip, first Vice President, to Iraq, Iranian and Iraqi's Director Generals of Customs agreed on 7 articles for expanding and facilitating two countries' trade, after compressed negotiations.

Based on the negotiations between Faroud Asgari, Iranian Director General of Customs, and his Iraqi counterpart, it has been agreed a joint working group is created between Iran Customs and Organization of Iraq's Border Terminals to solve some border's problems.

To solve problems and make smooth transiting goods and passengers, Customs Director Generals of two countries have agreed on 7 articles as follows:

1- Increasing customs' working hours and if it is necessary to increase the number of shifts to 3 daily,  giving services on holidays.

2- Implementing acceptable standards of two countries based on signed agreements.

3- Establishing sanitary units, quarantines and labs in two countries' border terminals.

4- Expediting vehicles movements of two sides based on signed agreements.

5- Making informed and declaration of any prohibition and restrictions on imports at least 10 days before they come into force.

6- Moving border exchanges place to border-zero place of two countries to create more job opportunities and prevent from breaching and abusing.

7- Attempting to control and create required solutions to prevent from transferring drugs by passengers.

It s worth mentioning that according to the agreement between Iran and Iraq's Customs Director Generals, a working group holds a meeting in one of the countries every three-month intermittently.

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