29 April 2018 - 17:17

Iran Export to Europe Has Tenfold Increase:German Ambassador

German ambassador to Iran said Iran's export to Europe has grown tenfold after sanctions removal and also Europe's export to Iran has increased more than 60 percent since 2015.
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ششمین همایش تجاری و بانکی ایران اروپا-روز دوم

Michael Klor-Berchtold on the second day of Sixth Iran-Europe Banking and Business Forum stated since lifting the sanctions, Iran's export to Europe has increased tenfold and after coming into effect Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Action (JCPOA) in 2015, Europe's export to Iran raised over 60 percent, adding all these achievements are due to the merits of JCPOA.

"Iran in order to join the world economic community completely, FATF issue should be solved throughly and we hope that until June, 2018 Iran be able to remove the remaineing problems to gain more advantages from JCPOA and Iran's economy benefits from it", he said.

The official expressed that to facilitate Iran's trade relations with Europe and the world and also expedite economic opening, Iranian banks by observing IFRS standards can create maximum transparency in their financial statements to ensure investors for investment, paving the path for financial transfers importantly.

German ambassador pointed out to Iran's credit and economic risk rating growth from 6 to 5 which is considered a worthwhile event.

He stressed that German sticks to JCPOA and plays a constructive role in it to be executed between Iran and European Union. Michael Klor-Berchtold went on saying that German and European Union have backed JCPOA since one year and half ago and recently Chancellor Angela Merkel has supported and defended it explicitly in her meeting with Donald Trump, asking for its continuation.

German ambassador added we should confess that JCPOA has had appropriate changes for Iran in all levels and we should give it more chance to see new achievements in this regard and also Iran continues its confidence making policies, executing its international commitments to IFRS,FATF,... based on global standards.

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