15 July 2018 - 20:41

U.S. Confiscates Iranian Bitcoin Holders Assets

Iranian Head of Blockchain Association reported that 500 bitcoins belonged to Iranian individuals worth 25 billion tomans have been confiscated by U.S. government.
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بیت کوین

Talking to ibena reporter, Sepehr Mohammadi, Iranian Head of Blockchain Association, said the remarkable volume of bitcoins which belonged to some Iranians were confiscated last year due to unspecific reasons by Federal government of the United States, adding the process of confiscation is still continuing.

He stressed that some people believe that this confiscation is because of circumventing U.S. sanctions by bitcoin holders. The official went on to say that the confiscated volume by Federal government of the United States is not clear, but it is expected that be over 500 bitcoins worth approximately 25 billion tomans ($5.77 million).

Mohammadi emphasized that Iran's Blockchain Association has done necessary measures to remove bitcoin confiscation, mentioning we negotiated with some experienced attorneys who know capital market and FATF well, but no attorney has accepted this project yet, on the other hand, because of the cryptocurrencies' use ban in Iran such as bitcoin, FATA Police haven't taken an action in this case.

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