25 July 2018 - 19:20

New Iranian Governor of CBI Appointed

Iranian government's cabinet gave a vote of confidence to Abdolnasr Hemamti as a new governor of Central Bank of Iran.
News ID : 88968

At today's morning meeting, Rouhani's cabinet thanked Valiollah Seif's efforts during his incumbency. President Rouhani congratulated Hemmati on getting strong vote of confidence from the cabinet.

Rouhani called Hemmati a well-educated person who has valuable experiences in banking and insurance areas. The President also introduced him as a person who is energetic, active, spirited and able.

President Rouhani mentioned reforming banking system, monetary and financial policies, improving banking relations with the world, expanding bilateral currency agreements, keeping and watching foreign exchange reserves should be Hemmati's top priorities.

Rouhani thanked Seif, addressing him a very strong manager who pursued government's policies diligently. The President considered Seif's efforts against unauthorised financial and credit institutes as remarkable services which led to more discipline and regulation in those institutes during his incumbency.

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