07 August 2018 - 20:31

Government's New Foreign Exchange Package Comes into Effect

As the new foreign exchange package came into force on Tuesday, 23 cases of foreign exchange supply were registered and 8 trades were finalized in NIMA system until 4 pm.
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Iran Central Bank's public relations said as the price of foreign exchange in the current market is negotiable, foreign exchange supply was revised several times and it was priced lower, finally trades were finalized.

Total sum of foreign exchange supply until 4 pm was 6.5 million euros, 37.330 million UAE dirhams and 330 thousand USD.

30 million UAE dirhams were traded 2200 toman, one million euros were traded 9230 toman and 100 thousand USD were traded 8950 toman.

It is worth mentioning that out of 23 cases of foreign exchange supply, seven ones were done by petrochemical companies and all of them were traded.

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