13 August 2018 - 17:03

Iran's Gold Capacity Rises by 40 Tones

Chief Executive Board of IMIDRO said Iran's open mines excavation is about to be finished, but there is a huge capacity in underground and deep mines, adding we should use private sector's capability in this area.
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Mahdi Karbasian mentioned that since 1393 (2014) planning for excavation of 270 thousand kilometers square of the country has been a top priority, therefore 200 million tones have been added to Iran's total definitive gold reserves so far and also new gold reserves are estimated by 300 million tones.

Regarding Iran's gold reserves, Karbasian said based on recent excavations, 40 million gold tones have been added to the country's reserves, going on to say that there are gold mines in 16 provinces and new mines have been discovered in Sistan Balouchestan, Azarbayejan Gharbi and Khorasan Junoobi provinces.

Chief Executive Board of IMIDRO stated that the country's gold production will increase to 8 tone from 5 tones by the end the current year.

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