19 August 2018 - 22:11

"Foreign Exchange Trade Will Be Smoother in Secondary Market"

Iranian governor of the Central Bank reported that foreign exchange trade in the secondary market will be smoother.
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Talking to reporters, Abdolnaser Hemmati expressed his satisfaction for establishing tranquility in foreign exchange market, stating there is a good interaction between economic commission of the parliament and the Central Bank, expressing his hope that in the new chapter of the Central Bank, people's problems will be solved by the parliament and economists 's support.

He went on to say people should give us chance to solve the problems. Regarding foreign exchange secondary market, Hematti mentioned that there is a gap between the market and ideal circumstances, but we have a serious plan to remove some of the problems.

The official pointed out that the secondary market is the main market of foreign exchange, emphasizing the market should be smoother as soon as possible, saying the problems of the market are being solved, but prices should be economical for exporters and importers.

The governor of the Central Bank expressed his hope that foreign exchange rate goes to a way that it brings welfare for the society and also encourages importers of raw materials and equipment to flourish production and employment.

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