11 March 2019 - 16:08

Iran's Trade with EU Stands at 18.4 Billion Euros

Iran and the European Union's trade volume in 2018 hit approximately 18.4 billion euros, indicating 12.2 percent decrease from year-on-year.
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پرچم ایران

The value of trade between Iran and the European union in the previous year stood at 18.4 billion euros, of which 9.5 billion euros belong to Iran's export and 8.9 billion euros were Iran's import from the eurozone.

Iran's export to the European Union in 2018 decreased by 6.4 percent from the year earlier, plus the value of imports to Iran from the European Union reduced by 17.6 percent.

Italy and Spain were two biggest European Iran's trade partners in 2018 and also Germany and Italy were two biggest European exporters to Iran in that period. Iran's export to the eurozone was 10.1 billion euros in 2017 and Iran's import from the European Union was 10.8 billion euros.

It is worth mentioning that Iran's trade balance with the European Union in 2018 was positive and equivalent of 552 million euros, while the trade balance had been negative that is 704 million euros in 2017.

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