16 March 2019 - 11:55

Iranian Appropriate Mechanism for INSTEX will be Registered: Hemmati

Central Bank of Iran's Governor said an appropriate mechanism for the introduced channel which was offered with three European countries called Special Trade and Financial Instrument( STFI) will be registered in Tehran soon.
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Abdolnaser Hemmati highlighted that the registering an appropriate mechanism for INSTEX doesn't mean that Iran has to wait for Europe's mechanism implementation at all.

He added we keep on our strategy for providing financial and trade conditions in sanctions era through special ways particularly our adjacent countries and other trade partners.

The governor mentioned that according to the negotiations that my colleagues had with three European countries' representatives and the manager of INSTEX in the bentral bank in Tehran last week, complete explanation was given regarding Iranian mechanism which has to be matched with European mechanism, so we are waiting for practical measures form European side.  

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