28 November 2017 - 16:26

Iran Stock Exchange Surging Toward 91,000 Points

The index of Iran's Stock Exchange rose by 598 points on Tuesday's trading session and it is about to hit another new record by entering the channel of 91,000 points.
News ID : 78319

One hour before the end of transactions on Tehran's trading floor, the total index of the stock exchange grew roughly 600 points and entered in the vicinity of 91,000 points to break a new record, while it is expected that the major index of the stock exchange surpasses 600 points growth.

Accordingly, the equities of Esfahan's Mobarakeh Steel, Gol Gohar Industrial, Omid Investment Management , Chadormalou Development of Mines, Metals and Industrial and Khoozestan Steel companies and Bandar Abbas Oil refinery increased between 40 to 160 points, creating the most bullish state of the index.

It is worth mentioning that gaining the 91,000 points in Iran's Stock Exchange' index is a new target which has been set, after hitting a new record a few days ago on the trading floor, namely 90,000 points and practically, fifty-year old record of Iran's Stock Exchange has also promoted.

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