10 May 2018 - 15:16

Iran,Europe Industrial Negotiations to Kick off

Bulgarian ambassador to Tehran reported that European industrial talks with Iran will be initiated in next 10 days.
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Aristo Polandakov in his visit with the head of Iran Chamber said the talks are supposed to be begun with the travel of the European Commission members of environment and energy to Iran.

The official mentioned that reviewing direct connection of European active companies with Iranian side in machine-building, pharmaceuticals, information technology and textile areas are major issues of the negotiations.

Regarding U.S.'s withdrawal from the nuclear deal, Bulgarian ambassador to Tehran made the remarks that based on the current situations which are critical and significant for both Iran and Europe, moving through the realistic and optimal lens to maintain the mutual interests should be considered.

Polandakov also said on 24th of Ordibehesht month, Bulgarian Minister of Economy at the head of delegations, including economic activists, some members of parliament and three governors of Bulgarian major cities will travel to Iran, adding they will pay a visit to Iranian first vice-president, Minister of Economy and Financial Affairs and Iran Central Bank's Governor.

It is worth noting that Bulgaria is a peroidic chairman of European Union.

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