10 September 2018 - 11:24

'Cryptomining Equipment Sale Is Legal in Iran'

Head of computer technology union said selling cryptocurrency mining equipment in Iran is allowed.
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ارز رمزنگار

Talking to IBENA's reporter, Seyyed Mahdi Mirmahdi Komijani said selling this kind of equipment is not illegal at all and required goods in cryptomining area are common with other fields, so they are imported legally.

He went on to say that some specialized components of cryptomining are imported illegally and they have to be stopped. Head of computer technology union mentioned that Iran should recognize all cryptomining areas as an industry, adding comprehensive activity in that sphere creates various economic added value.

Elsewhere he touched upon the world's trend toward cryptomining as a new big economic arena. Mirmahdi stressed that at present cryptocurrency mining for some cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin is being done in many centers secretly and also some people in Iran make money through mining farm.

The official highlighted that the government and Central Bank should adopt their policies in this area to pave the path for the union, importers and sellers of computer goods to provide infrastructure and technical equipment in association with the government and Central Bank for the players of this area, if cryptomining is recognized as an industry.

It is worth mentioning that IBENA is an only specialized news agency in banking and economy area, which is affiliated with the Central Bank of Iran.

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