29 January 2019 - 11:07

8th Conference of Electronic Banking and Payment Systems Kick off

The 8th annual conference of electronic banking and payment systems are being held in the presence of senior Iranian bankers and economists in Tehran.
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Blockchain and distributed ledger technology, cryptocurrencies, alternative payment systems, financial, payment and open banking technologies, cheating, moneylaundry, defrauding and counter approaches with them, and digital evolution are six major axes of the conference.

Also clarifying and reviewing banking industry and payment by using blockchain technology, clarifying and reviewing macro trends of international electronic banking and payment systems, clarifying and reviewing the changes happened to IT and blockchain, clarifying and reviewing obstacles and challenges on the way of banking industry and payment, clarifying and reviewing changes happened to cryptocurrencies area, clarifying and reviewing new financial business atmosphere are the purposes of the 8th annual conference of electronic banking and payment systems.

In the sidelines of the the conference, a specialized fair is being held to introduce achievements of Iranian banking services organizations in electronic banking and payment systems sphere. In the fair some companies which are active in banking services are present beside the banks and financial and credit institutes to introduce services, products and capabilities .

The 8th annual conference of electronic banking and payment systems is being held by Monetary and ‌Banking Research Institute on 9th and 10th of Bahman month (29th and 30th of January) in Milad Tower's conferences hall.

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